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BitCrunched BitCrunched

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is nice, quite nice. It sounds VERY classy, like something you'd actually hear in an 16-bit arcade game. I'd really like to see you develop this into a full-fledged tune. 4/5 and a download from me! Good job!

vSmashv responds:

wow, thank you! Always fun doing something I don't usually do.

I'll see what I can whip together. Loved your music btw

Flashburn - Enigma Flashburn - Enigma

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey, great job on this tune! And piggybacking off what the one guy said below me, I do hear a bit of distortion in certain parts of the song. It sounds like a limiter clipping, or something of the like. Listen to it on studio headphones and you'll hear it.

What program do you use? I might be going crazy, but I hear some distinct Reason stuff in there in the nature of some of the synths. If it's not Reason, you can just affirm my craziness, hahaha. And if it is Reason, well ... I guess I got lucky, haha.

You lost points on Clarity for the distortion, and on Diversity because ... well, it's trance, hahaha. You actually did do a great job of varying it more than the average trance piece.

Overall, really good job!

Flashburn responds:

Lol no this is an FL track Im afraid haha... and hmmm Im a little upset that people hear distortion I may have to work on the EQ's for a bit...

thanks for the review

Defcon Zero [Orch] -MrMaestro- Defcon Zero [Orch] -MrMaestro-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have great realism in your pieces. What software do you use? I have yet to get the hang of producing orchestral sounds in this manner. Great job!

What I would've liked to hear was for it to go from the ballad into a fast march. The Defcon Zero melody would sound awesome in a film-score-style orchestral march. Have you heard 'Fountain of Dreams' from Super Smash Bros. Melee? That's sort of what I'm talking about. It starts out with a ballad intro, and then goes into a Russian-style march with the main Kirby melody. Something like that would've been really cool for this piece.

But that's just a preference thing. You get no less points from me for that. 10/10, 5/5. Awesome work.

DavidOrr responds:

I used Reason and the included Orkester sound library to make this piece.

Thanks for the review and support!

WC > Cocaine WC > Cocaine

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I hear the Reason samples! Muhahaha, very prominently in the glitchy sounds ... very nice. Reason users unite!!!

Okay, enough of that ...

Great diversity in this piece.

Perhaps the only place where I could suggest improvement is where the pads fell out and it was just drums. That part lacked depth and felt a little empty. To me, it felt like the drums were trying to take control of the soundstage, but couldn't do it. I would've made the drums come on stronger there, almost a little hardcore, to give it a drum break feel, or added some hard compression to make everything in-your-face-sounding, which would've worked nicely with the flippy sounds you got in there. The kick sound on that part was somewhat weak also. I would pick a different one.

Haha, sorry to tear that drum break apart ... Again, the piece is great, and if I absolutely had to pick something bad about it, it would be that. The way I see it, it's more preference than anything else.

I'll be competing with you in the MAC6 this month with a VG piece. Look out for me, 'cause I'll be on your ass, hahaha jk. ; ) Good luck!

P.S. Loved the little "off switch" click at the end. Genius.

Star Stealing Girl CC Star Stealing Girl CC

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Long time no see.

Remember me? Probably not ... ;)

Yours is definitely BETTER than Chronomut's (no offense Chronomut ... really, nothing personal). I am dying to ask a question: Did you use LFO envelopes to control vibrato? Because, either the woodwinds/strings patches you used were REALLY good, or you did a good job at manually controlling the vibrato.

And if you didn't use envelopes, that's a hint there for you. Using LFO envelopes to control vibrato on strings and such will make them sound much more real. If you have Aftertouch on your MIDI controller, then it makes it even easier. Of course (and again, this is assuming you didn't use envelopes), it would probably be easier to keep using whatever kickass patches you got there. ;)

Overall, the balance, the realism, and the feel of this piece is much better than Chronomut's ... I'd have to say that those zero voters you mentioned are the only reason this one isn't rated higher than his. Good job.

Realmguys responds:

Thank you for the in-depth look at my song. The vibrato on the flute and violin are actually controlled in real time by a mouthpiece that came with my synth. I blow accordingly into the piece as recording or playing. The vibrato on the strings however, is just part of the patch sound I was using, can't really control that one.

My synth has aftertouch, but I find it rather unpleasant with vibrato or modulation.

Thanks again for your feedback. I will definitely look into your method of envelopes. Sounds very interesting for sure!

Glad you liked the song, have a good one.

Khuskan - Generic Menu Music Khuskan - Generic Menu Music

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well . . .

I like the feel of the piece . . . but quite frankly, the "Groovemaster's Rock 1" Redrum Reason patch is pissing me off hahaha. (I tried to say that in a good way . . . )

You have great originality in all your work . . . but the drums in almost all your songs sound way too sequenced and fake. You CAN make sequenced drums sound like a real studio kit, it just takes a bit more work.

If you output each drum seperately and put custom effects on each of them, you can get a much more original and realistic sounding kit that's taylored to your own style. Also try creating the beat right from scratch in the sequencer track using the pencil tool, rather than using the step sequencer on the Redrum. It tends to open up your sequencing and make your beats more fluid, rather than rigid.

For the most part, great work, but your drums are the greatest area in which you can improve. Cheers.


Khuskan responds:

I'm proud of you for noticing exactly what drumkit i used. Drums are my weakspot, i've never been big on them and I suck at fills..

I never considered chaining out frome ach of the individual channels on the redrum, I'll think i'll give that a go in my next track. Also, i'm not using the step sequencer in redrum, i'm actually recording it on my midi controller, and understandably the fact you cant really play drums on a keyboard is probably what accounts to my simple style.

I'll try to get more friendly with that sequencer, and see what I can come up with for my next track :)

Fleets (4min38sec) Fleets (4min38sec)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Twist

If you take out the repetitive stringy things and give the piece more of a flowing, ominous feel, this could work really well as an Ambient piece. And you know how much I like Ambient. ;)

Otherwise, as a trance piece, this is a nice variation on the original. I like the breaks, and the rolling glitchy things are really cool. The little half-time thing could've used maybe some more work . . . maybe some more variation on the background stuff? Not sure . . .

I still think the original Fleets is the best song you've ever done. ;)

I know it's been a while, haha. Myself? Well, I've got some BIG projects coming up soon . . . If you want to stay updated on my music, add to your list of bookmarks, and if you have Myspace, add me!



AdmiralConquistador responds:

WOW, Ted! LOOONG time no see my friend, where you been man? Back to review my fleets remake eh? Haha, I'm glad you liked it, but you think the original is better? I figured I had improved every aspect with this remake, the synths are better, the arrangement makes more sense(except for placing the slow-mo part at the end, that was dumb), the mastering is 1000 percent better, I dunno. I agree the half-time could have used more work.. I was getting tired boo-hoo, hehe. Anyway, thanks for coming back, now on to some more quality Reason tracks!


Super Mario Bros. - Overworld Super Mario Bros. - Overworld

Rated 4 / 5 stars

everyone can remix mario...

very nicely done...the fast part was the best part of this song (and probably the most worked on, am i right?) the beginning part of the song could've used alot of cleaning just didn't "sparkle" like the rest of it did.

anyone can remix game songs (i've had a fair share of my own) should really try some original compositions, i'm sure they would sound awesome.

good job. cheers an g'day.

-Ted Johnston

Stage3-1 responds:

You nailed it. The second part took the most work, and the first part did not sparkle. I blame it mostly on the tone of my guitar, Jackson's cannot get a good clean tone line in. I only wish I could have got the clean sound I have for Mario Bros. 2. Thanks for the review.

Hawks LIVE Drum Solo 2 Hawks LIVE Drum Solo 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice dude

crazy man. i can tell you're a pretty talented drummer. i really liked the beats where it was the kick going all crazy hahaha. keep the craziness coming dude.

cheers an g'day.

-Ted Johnston

*+*+Glistle+*+* *+*+Glistle+*+*

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome...just awesome

Congradulations on A-Bot 5th Place!

i can only agree with Admiral. this song can be described in one word: entrancing. it begs to be listened to. you are right in comparing it to the FF Crystal theme, a very fitting analogy.

now...criticism (oh noes!) the bassline was just begging for a bigger part hahaha. seriously though, it was a little too simple in my opinion, and could've been a bit more complex. you could've also done a bit more with the drums...

JEEZE!!! i'm listening as i'm reviewing this...and this thing loops perfectly! the way you have it fade out and fade in...dang. bonus points for you there ^_-

i've listened to all the other A-Bot selects and this should've placed much higher than it did...oh well. really cool song dude. keep at it!

good job. cheers an g'day.

-Ted Johnston

Chronamut responds:

thanks man!

I realized even as I made it that the bass and dryms needed mroe work - but I really wanted feedback on the song. I currently just uploaded another more complete version - it doesnt fade out like the first one tho.

I thank you for your review!